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MikroTik RouterOS Workbook

By David Gonzalez

TikAcademy’s MikroTik Certified Trainer David González Herrera after five years of training and certifications worldwide collected the most frequently asked questions, the most commonly requested configurations and the most sought-after topics in his trainings and social media. All this gave birth to this great bibliographic work and reference manual not only for our students but for the general public.

It has been a long journey in these years of transferring and learning taught so many people from such diverse cultures and places.

Many of my students would say to me, «Profe, there should be some reference material for us to be able to follow the practices, laboratories and strengthen the knowledge we receive in the courses».

All this, in addition to the existing material being written in English and for none it is a secret that in Colombia, our fort is not the language of the north, because we are going to work.».

In addition, the pride of having been able to launch the book at the MikroTik event in my country Colombia, was an honor, in front of more than 600 people, to be able to reveal something that looked so far away at first and then in the stand, next to my wife to see the welcome and friendly reception n of more than 200 people who exhausted the first shot, is a feeling of humble pride that never ends up astonishing me.

You should know that our effort put into this book that is now being read not only throughout Colombia but in Latvia (the house of MikroTik), Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, the U.S, Sweden and who knows how many more countries, is a indescribable feeling.

Thank you all for supporting us by buying the book and spreading knowledge.

David Gonzalez

Do you want to learn Mikrotik RouterOS from Scratch and by easy to follow examples? The Mikrotik RouterOS is here for you to achieve that, just by reading the description and short description of the topic and then practice with laboratories.

Do you have a Mikrotik lying around and want to know what all the noise about this excellent and affordable networking equipment brand is all about?

Want to get comfortable with the Operating System and learn it from the inside out to then take any of the Mikrotik training classes and get certified?

Learn from the very basic such as accessing the device for the first time and build up knowledge and expertise, create a MikroTik based network for home or office, learn and deploy DHCP Server and Client services, implement a firewall to secure your network, setup a Wireless Access Point or client device, learn and implement static and dynamic routing, setup you own VPN (client and server),

The Mikrotik RouterOS Workbook will fill the gaps that you might have, it will become your companion when setting up or diagnosing Mikrotik networks.

No need to have a physical RouterBOARD at hand, you can even learn using virtual environments (except wireless section).

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